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Why Invest With DreamStart

We have all heard advertising from investment companies; but the fact of the matter is that they are not typically builders themselves – it’s common for these businesses to approach builders to put together packages for them.

By investing in a package directly with a quality builder, you can avoid the additional costs that come with dealing with a retailer rather than a wholesaler – this route can save you tens of thousands on your investment.

At DreamStart Homes, we have a team of professional consultants who can assemble an investment package that is suited to your own personal investment strategy requirements.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a positively geared property, a negatively geared property, or just looking to build and sell and make a quick profit – we can establish an investment property that meets your specific needs.

FAQs for Investors

Although every investor is unique in their circumstances, some common questions are:

What does 'positively geared' mean?

A positively geared property is a property that gives a net surplus of funds when you take into account all of its expenses (including rates and interest) against the rental income. Therefore, a positively geared property is one that is making you money.

What does 'negatively geared' mean?

When all expenses are calculated against rental income and there is a net loss, that is a negatively geared property. Unlike positively geared properties, these are usually used to offset income and reduce tax.

What can I claim with an investment property?

With a new property, you can claim depreciation of the property and all fittings and fixtures.  When you build a new home there is a great deal of depreciation that you can claim against your tax. Additionally, all expenses can be claimed – that includes interest and property management fees.

What is the best way to finance the property?

Every individual’s circumstances are different, and it is best to speak to your accountant as well as a licensed finance broker to best address your needs. If you would like assistance with construction finance, our licensed brokers are here to help.

Investment House & Land Packages

Every investor’s needs are unique to their own circumstances, and as such we are happy to sit with you and go over your requirements so that we can tailor an investment package that is specific to your needs.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your investment aims and aspirations, so that we can present some obligation-free options which will put you on your way to achieving your property investment goals.

Alternatively, we encourage you to visit our House and Land Packages section of this website, as we might have your ideal solution available already!

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