Taking the First Step

Are you new to the whole "first home" experience? Not sure where to start?

Here at Dreamstart we specialise in assisting first home buyers into their own homes.

We understand that buying your first home is a complicated and often overwhelming process. That's why we take care of every step from finance to design to building, making sure we get affordable rates and quality finishes from start to finish.

The Dreamstart team are constantly working on First Homebuyer Finance.  We help and demystify every step of the process including obtaining Keystart Home Loan approvals, first Homebuyers Grants and government assisted loans.

With Keystart Home Loans, you have the added benefit of making a minimum repayment during construction of only $50 per week.  This is a fantastic feature of Keystart Loans and is designed to make it easier for those paying rent and repayments on loan during the construction period.

For help with Keystart Home loans or government assisted loans, New Home builder Dreamstart Homes is here to help.

See If You Qualify

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