Common questions Investors usually ask are below.  The most important question to ask, is how to maximize your return on investment.  The answer is simple.  Research what areas are experiencing growth and deal direct with the wholesaler.  In the case of New Homes.  That's DreamStart!

Positively Geared Properties essentially mean that when you take into account all expenses of a property including rates, interest etc vs the rental income there is a net surplus of funds.  Therefore it is making you money.


Unlike positively geared properties, when all expenses are calculated vs rental income, there is a net loss.  This is usually used to offset income and reduce tax.

With a new property you can claim depreciation of the property and all fittings and fixtures.  When you build a new Home there is a great deal of depreciation that you can claim against your tax.

Additionally all expenses can be claimed including interest and property management fees.

Every individuals circumstances are different and it is best to speak to both your accountant as well as a licensed finance broker to best address your needs.

If you would like assistance with Finance, our licensed brokers are here to help.  

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