Your Dream Journey with Us

The Dreamstart journey is a simple, streamline process that caters to first home buyers. Your journey begins with only $2500 and ends with your very own new home!

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Step #1 Deciding where to live

With strong relationships with all developers we can help find your ideal land.

Step #2 Working out a budget

Working with our exclusive finance brokers we have access to all lenders to find the best home loan for your individual needs.

Step #3 Selecting your new home

The fun part, designing a home to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget working with a Dreamstart Consultant.

Step #4 Contracts

We have now surveyed your land and prepared a fixed price building contract. At this stage you will apply for formal finance and have time to read over your contract with your sales consultant prior to prestart.

Step #5 Fixtures and Finishes

In prestart you will add your final touches with colours, floor coverings etc. Any changes will be costed and contracts then signed when you are happy with final product.

Step #6 Approvals

Now final plans are done, once we have received all approvals we begin scheduling your house to commence construction.

Step #7 Construction

Sit back and enjoy watching your Dream be built. You will have a Client Liaison contact you regularly to update you on works in progress. Enjoy.

Step #8 Celebrating your new home

Your Dream is now a reality. It's time to crack the champagne and celebrate your New Home or investment!!