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How To Decorate The Interior Of Your Home On A Budget

How To Decorate The Interior Of Your Home On A Budget
June 18, 2019 Sally King

If you are a first time home buyer, you will know that the whole process of getting into your own home comes at a price. When it’s finally time to decorate your new place you don’t need to have a massive budget. Having minimal funds should not stop you from creating the home of your dreams. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to get creative! This is how to decorate the interior of your home on a budget.

The first step to achieving a stylish home- declutter and get organised.

Moving into a new house is the perfect time to start fresh. Be ruthless and cull everything you really don’t need before the big move.

Before purchasing expensive furniture, look at what you currently own. Often the things you already have are fine but just need a bit of updating. Reupholster your current couch (or just grab some funky pillows if that’s more your speed), put new knobs on units/cabinets or paint wooden furniture… the possibilities are endless. For those items that you do need to purchase, shop around. Visit discount outlets, op shops and swap meets. Keep your eyes on Gumtree and local buy and sell pages, there are so many great bargains to be found. Also look out for sales- they are perfect for getting new pieces without blowing your budget.

When the time comes to actually decorate, start by deciding what style/theme you want. Browsing interior magazines and websites will give you lots of inspiration. Creating a mood board is a great way to pull together everything you like and see your overall vision.

A great tip for how to decorate your interior of your home on  on a budget is to go neutral!

When purchasing furniture, pieces that are classic and neutral coloured will fit in with your home style for much longer, and will also be able to be interchanged between rooms.

Bringing colour into your home through accessories like throws, rugs, cushions and lamps means that when your tastes change it won’t cost the earth to switch up your decor.

Mix quality pieces with less expensive finds, making sure to spend the big cash on the most important things. It’s up to you to work out what your priorities are. If an ultra-comfy couch is your dream then that’s where you should focus your budget. Or maybe you’re a budding chef and want to focus a larger portion of your money on kitchen appliances and decor.

Painting a feature wall is a great way to give your home that designer look, without the price tag to match. For the cost of a tin of paint and a few painting accessories, you can make a hugely noticeable difference.

Explore affordable art options. From printing off quotes you like and framing them, to doing funky DIY projects from Pinterest… you are limited only by your imagination. The beauty of art is that there are so many interpretations of what art is and many different textures, shapes, colours and sizes. There is literally something to suit every budget.

The last tip on how to decorate the interior of your home on a budget is probably the one that will have the biggest positive impact, DIY as much as you can. Paint the walls yourself, up-cycle your old furniture and basically do as much of the work as you can.

For more handy first home buyers tips, get in touch with our friendly team today, and see what we can do for you!

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