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Tips For Moving House Without The Stress

Tips For Moving House Without The Stress
June 6, 2019 SSBmarket

Just bought your first home? Or maybe you’re planning on building soon. Moving into a brand new home is often an exciting experience. Until you realise you have to pack up all your possessions to move. Then it can turn into a completely stressful time. These tips for moving house without the stress are a must read for all first home buyers!

Did you know that moving house is considered to be one of the biggest stresses people encounter in their lives, ranking right up there with divorce and losing your job? But we’re here to help!

These Are Our Hottest Tips For Moving House Without The Stress;

Spending time organising all aspects of your upcoming move will save any unwanted surprises at the last minute, so start making detailed lists and work out a plan of action now.

One huge tip before anything else- declutter and donate things you don’t need a few weeks before you have to start packing. There is enough to fit in without including things that you will ultimately throw out once you arrive at your new place.

Keep Reading For Some More Super Helpful Tips.

1. Book your removalist early – Whether you’re hiring professionals or getting a van/trailer and doing it yourself, book in advance to ensure you get the date you need.

2. Insurance – Organise your contents and household insurance. Once the packing and unpacking starts it’s easy to forget even the most important things.

3. Change your address and organise connection of amenities – At least 2 weeks before the big move you will need to change your address details with banks, the licencing centre, medicare etc. It’s also important that you contact your electricity, gas, telephone, internet and water services. Firstly let them know when you will be vacating your old premises, and then when services need to be connected at your new property, you do not want to find yourself spending your first night in your gorgeous new home without electricity.

4. Stock up on packing boxes – Check Gumtree and local buy and sell pages. Bunnings, your local hardware store and Officeworks also have them for purchase.

5. Get your moving tools ready – Gather everything you need in one easily accessible bag or box, including packing tape, a thick black marker for labelling, and a Stanley knife.

6. Labelling – When it comes time to pack and seal boxes, write the room the box needs to go in and the contents. Another helpful tip- always label both the top and side of each box, so if they are stacked or side by side you can still read them.

7. Smart Packing – Really think about your plan of attack. Just throwing things in anywhere will make the unpacking at the other end a very long and frustrating task.

  • Defrost fridge the day before the move to avoid leaks.
  • Don’t take clothing off hangers, just wrap a bin liner up and over the whole lot leaving hangers out the top.
  • Look at what you already have. Fill baskets, bags and suitcases. Put heavier items in suitcases so you can avoid carrying them and roll them with ease.
  • Tape cables to the bottom of the electronic item they are from.
  • Use snap lock bags to store screws/bolts from dismantled shelving and bed frames. Label the bag and tape to item they belong too.

8. Organise a babysitter or pet minder – If you can, have your younger kids and pets cared for on the day of moving.

9. Overnight bags – Get everyone to pack a bag with the basics including toothbrush, change of clothes and pyjamas. Don’t forget to pack one for your pets with food, leash and toys.

10. Essentials box – Pack a box with bin liners, cleaning products, toilet paper, coffee and tea… basically anything you will need for your first day/night.

Although moving will never be entirely stress-free, these nifty tips will help make everything go as smoothly as possible, meaning you can enjoy life in your brand new Dreamstart Home even sooner!

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