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What Makes The Best First Home Builders In Perth

What Makes The Best First Home Builders In Perth
November 13, 2019 Sally King


There are many reasons that Dreamstart Homes is known as the best first home builders in Perth. We have put a lot of work into ensuring that you can enjoy every stage of the home building experience, our mission is to make sure the process of building your first home is as easy as possible.

Great Reputation
The first reason that Dreamstart Homes should be the company you choose to build your dream home, is that we are part of the highly reputable SSB Group. Since 1992 the SSB Group has built over 21,000 homes in Western Australia, making it one of the most respected and experienced building groups in the Perth building industry.

Exceptional Quality
Dreamstart Homes is an Internationally Recognised ISO9001 Quality Management Certified Company. In simple terms, you can rest assured that your new home is in good hands. Our team at Dreamstart Homes pride themselves on delivering quality homes and service, every time.

House And Land Packages
Whether A home builder is ‘the best home builder in Perth’ can come down to the house and land packages they have on offer. A huge percentage of first home buyers select a house and land package to get them into their first home, and Dreamstart Homes has packages that stand out from the rest. We provide a wide range of house designs and have access to exclusive land in some of Perth’s most popular land estates, and if you can’t find a house and land package that suits, we will create one just for you.

Amazing Prices And Exceptional Quality
Lots of first home builders have great prices or high quality homes, not many have both. At Dreamstart Homes, we offer houses that are competitively priced and are built to a very high standard, we will not compromise on quality.

Outstanding Customer Service
Working with a builder that has friendly and highly experienced staff will make the building process so much more enjoyable, at Dreamstart we are very proud of our amazing team who are ready to walk you through everything that is needed for you to get started on the path to your new home. Dreamstart Homes know how important it is for our clients to be a part of this exciting journey, and we ensure that the lines of communication are always open.

Perth’s Most Affordable Display Homes
If you are trying to find the best first home builder in Perth, then you need to take the time to visit some Display Homes. There is no better way to see the quality of homes you can expect from a builder, and at Dreamstart, what you see is what you get, unlike other builders we don’t ‘over spec’ our display homes. If you have been searching for the best first home builder in Perth, then you need not look any further. At Dreamstart Homes we have proven ourselves as the best there is, and we consistently deliver high quality, affordable homes…Your Dream Home Starts Here. Contact us today!


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