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  • 8 Reasons To Stop Renting and Own Your Own Home
    The age-old argument between renting versus buying can be overwhelming for anyone wanting to move out of home. We list eight reasons why buying a home may be better than renting to help you make an informed decision.   Build equity in your own property Unlike with renting, owning your own home simply means that you now have an asset in your name. The home that you buy also has the potential turn a profit; either through moving and selling,...
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  • First Home Owner? Tips For Achieving Paint Perfection
    Once the dust has settled on the construction phase of your new home, it is time to start thinking about decorating. A bad paint job can bring down the whole look and value of a home, so making sure it is done right is important. Achieving paint perfection isn’t so complicated with our best tips. Choosing the colours you want is just the start; you need to ensure that you get the right paint for the job, too. Rushing in...
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  • Why Now Is A Great Time To Build in WA
    It is the question that every person who is thinking about building a new home wants answered…when is a good time to build? There never seems to be a perfect time, and answering that question is not easy. However, after a year or two of conditions in the housing and banking industry not being ideal, the tables have turned and the time is definitely right. The real estate market is on the up, and banks are relaxing when it comes...
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  • House And Land Package With Free Pool in Perth – Tips For The New Pool Owner
    It is something that is on the top of many Australian homeowners lists, owning their own pool. There is no denying that a pool will add a certain tropical, or resort feel to your backyard. They look great, provide relaxation, hours of entertainment, and hopefully many years of great memories. Once your pool is in, it’s time to enjoy the benefits of owning your own pool. To ensure your pool is always ready for use, and to save you having...
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  • Building Your First Home With A Pool!
      If you have decided that you are going to build your first home with a pool, you will no doubt be aware of the huge amount of options out there when it comes to house and land packages. In fact, at Dreamstart Homes we have packages available in over 50 different Perth suburbs, as well as having the ability to create a completely customised home and land package just for you. Our latest promotional house and land package really...
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  • What Makes The Best First Home Builders In Perth
      There are many reasons that Dreamstart Homes is known as the best first home builders in Perth. We have put a lot of work into ensuring that you can enjoy every stage of the home building experience, our mission is to make sure the process of building your first home is as easy as possible. Great Reputation The first reason that Dreamstart Homes should be the company you choose to build your dream home, is that we are part...
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  • What Is A Keystart Loan?
    Anything to do with home loans is a bit daunting, which is understandable as there is just so much to consider. Keystart Loans were created to provide an affordable pathway into home ownership, for those who may otherwise not be able to even think about owning their own property. The major difference between a Keystart Loan and a normal home loan is that Keystart Loans have lower entry costs, meaning you can get into a home of your own a...
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  • Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know | Dreamstart
    Inside tips from Perth’s most affordable home builder Dreamstart homes. Cleaning is not exactly the most exciting way to spend your time, so being able to get the job done quickly and efficiently is a must. There are thousands of cleaning hacks you need to know for helping you get your chores done without using up all of your precious free time. below are some of the best. Our Best Cleaning Hacks You Need To Know Microwave Makeover Microwaves are...
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    The First Line of Defence
    Anyone who has been through the trauma of having their home burgled, knows that it is very hard to feel safe again after experiencing such a violation. But there are several things you can do as a first line of defence to protect your home, your family and your possessions. We get it, though. It is about much more than the loss of material possessions, it is the loss of your peace of mind. Being a first home buyer, there...
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  • Selecting the right grass for your property
    Selecting the right grass for your property
    Being a first home buyer, there is so much to think about when it comes to picking a house plan and finding land in an area you want. Once your gorgeous new home is finished, attention usually jumps to interior decorating and buying furniture. Often the outdoor area is overlooked, and that is totally understandable, but when it does come time to landscape your yard it is best to have an idea of what you want when it comes to...
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